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The WPAL Mentoring Program is a FREE program which matches Western Pennsylvania youth with compassionate, concerned, and interested adults from law enforcement and the community. Mentors and mentees will participate in weekly sessions offering a variety of activities such as character and leadership development, physical fitness, health and life skills, sports and recreation, arts and crafts, and education and career development programs.


When the Police Athletic League was formed in New York City back in the early 20th century, boxing was one

of its original activities and that continues to this day.  PAL Boxing has a long tradition of excellence and

over the years, many PAL boxers have gone on to great success with either professional boxing or with other aspects of their lives.


Today, Western Pennsylvania Police Athletic League Boxing remains a cornerstone of mentoring programs.

WPAL’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that young people’s individual strengths and capabilities can guide them to mature, productive adulthoods with our encouragement and commitment.

WPAL is building champions for life.

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